Socalled: A rapper sings Yiddish folk songs

“I’m the Mahatma Gandhi of hip hop because I’m really skinny,” said Socalled in The ‘Socalled’ Movie, a film about about his art. The 41-year-old artist, whose real name is Joshua Dolgin, is known for his absurd humor. Dolgin was born into a Jewish family in Ottawa, but he developed his passion for traditional Yiddish […]

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Among the many hats that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dons is that of a doting dad. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed will tell you as much. The Canadian PM often shares adorable pictures with his three children – Ella-Grace, Xavier and Hadrien. About five hours ago, too, he took to social media […]

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Meet the team that’s tracking down sex partners to stop a surge in STDs

In northwest Oregon’s Clackamas County, health officials have decided to ask anyone who comes in with an STD who their sexual partners are — and then track those partners down. That job falls to two women: registered nurse Mary Horman and disease intervention specialist Liz Baca. They do most of the work over the phone, […]

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